About Us
The Company

Our company first entered the business of Confectionery and Bakery raw materials under the name K. TZANIDI & CO in 1969.We started by distributing products to Bakeries and Confectioneries within the region of Attica.

We were endorsed by the Greek market, thanks to the confidence and support of our partners and customers, but also due to our exemplary service, and therefore conquered a large part of it.

At 1986 we were transformed into an incorporated company and our name changed to S. TZANIDIS SA. Having the experience and direct knowledge of the needs of confectioners and bakers, we switched to the importation and wholesale of Pastry, Bakery and Food raw materials, working, throughout Greece , in collaboration with significant commercial enterprises of this sector.

As of May 2002, our company is housed in the new self-owned storage and offices on 337A TATOIOU Avenue at ACHARNES in ATHENS, which is a strategic location with immediate access to National and Attica highway.

With indoor storage space of 5000 m2 built on an area of 6000 m2 with refrigarated store rooms below 18C degrees and cold rooms at 4C degrees, the storage of goods is carried out under strict standards of hygiene and safety and meets the requirements of ISO 22000:2005.

The storage and distribution of goods is completed in accordance with modern standards of Logistics Management, by a privately-owned fleet of trucks in Attica and by transportation companies for the rest of Greece . This provides immediate service of the highest standard.


Facing the future with optimism, we set new goals with the addition of new products to our current range, according to market requirements and we promise to make every effort to always be consistent and reliable towards all of you, who invested in your cooperation with our company.