About us

Our company, since its founding in 1969, has managed to become a pioneer in the food sector and a reliable partner for many businesses, small and large. Our product range includes sesame, oil seeds, nuts, bakery and confectionery ingredients, spices and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. 

Our main activities are the following:

  • Import of food ingredients from the countries of origin.
  • Storage of the products, by implementing best practices in logistics.
  • Milling of spices and icing sugar.
  • Packaging in suitable sizes.
  • Wholesale distribution to Greece and abroad. 

Since 2002, in the context of modernizing and upgrading our services, we are based in state-of-the-art, privately owned, climate-controller facilities, spanning 5000m2. Thus, we can ensure pristine storage conditions for dry cargo (max 24o C, max 65%RH). We also possess 2000m3 of cold-store chambers, for the storage of nuts at temperatures between 4 and 10 oC, as advised by the Code of Foods and Drinks. Our facilities are located on 5 acres of land, on Tatoiou avenue, in Acharnes, at an optimum location, with access to the national highway.

Having operated for over 50 years in the food sector, we have accumulated deep knowledge of the market drivers and the competition. With the trust and support of our clients, but also due to our exemplary service and consistency, we have conquered a large part of the market.

Since 2010 we have been included in the community of the "Strongest Companies in Greece" by ICAP Group, being recognized as one of the most powerful companies in the country, ready to face the challenges ahead. Furthermore, since 2014 we have been awarded the "Diamonds of the Greek Economy" distinction, due to being one of the healthiest developing companies in the country.

By continuing our long journey, we

  • face the future with optimism
  • start new collaborations
  • add new products and activities to our portfolio
  • set tough goals, in accordance with the demands of the market
  • commit to maintain our integrity, consistency and respect towards all our partners that continuously support us all these years.
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Certificate
  • Constant Monitoring of Product Quality
  • Competitive Prices