ISO 22000

Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients' requirements, which we achieve by:

  • continuously monitoring all parameters that ensure the safety and quality of our products,
  • effectively managing any complaints that may occur,
  • constantly communicating with clients.

We implement a Food Safety Management System and we are certified in accordance with the ISO 22000:2018 standard, which is designed to be maintained and updated to fully comply with the applicable European & National regulatory requirements and International Standards for food safety.

High hygiene standards and strict quality controls are applied in all stages of handling our products, from the receipt of raw materials to the release from our facilities. Thus, we ensure that each item we trade meets the most demanding quality criteria and meets the needs of our customers.

We take all possible precautionary measures and carry out all the necessary quality controls on our produced and marketable products, to ensure the health and safety of the consumer.

We have installed and use the Enterprise resource planning System "Entersoft Business Suite". This is a modern and integrated business management application, through which we achieve:

  • accurate traceability,
  • FEFO (First Expired First Out) flow for our stocks,
  • complete transparency in the management of our transactions, both with our clients and with our partners and suppliers.

Our goal is to continuously improve in all areas, through the rigorous annual evaluation to our suppliers & partners. Our commitment is the continuous information on Food Safety issues.

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