Cocoa Powder 22 - 24 %
Cocoa Powder 22 - 24 %
Cocoa Powder 22 - 24 %
Cocoa Powder 22 - 24 %

Cocoa Powder 22 - 24 %

deZaan Cocoa D23A
Origin : Netherlands
Package : Bag 25 kg
Code : 200305
deZaan Cocoa


Cocoa Butter (Fat) 22-24% | pH level 7.2-7.6


Incredibly smooth, this powder is a great combination of full chocolate taste and creamy texture.


Often selected by specialist producers for their bakery, dairy, and confectionery recipes, this powder has a creamy mouthfeel with wonderful milk chocolate and cocoa flavors, and some mild sour and fruity notes.


Strongly flavored and powerful, laden with freshly sliced fruit notes and a delightful roasted cocoa aroma.

This is a warm red-brown toned cocoa powder that is particularly suited to rich, decadent hot cocoa recipes.

An ideal choice for premium hot chocolate drinks, this cocoa powder also enhances baked goods, compound coatings, traditional chocolate ice cream recipes, and cereals.