Cocoa Powder 20 - 22 %
Cocoa Powder 20 - 22 %
Cocoa Powder 20 - 22 %
Cocoa Powder 20 - 22 %

Cocoa Powder 20 - 22 %

deZaan Cocoa D21S
Origin : Netherlands
Package : Bag 25 kg
Code : 200300
deZaan Cocoa


Cocoa Butter (Fat) 20-22% | pH level 7.8-8.2


A full-bodied cocoa powder that delivers rich chocolate flavor and depth of color.


This is an exceptional, full-bodied red brown cocoa powder that offers rich, creamy cocoa flavor and depth of color like no other, perfect for delivering chocolate intensity and color to cereals.


A full-bodied cocoa intensity enhanced by a creamy, delicious chocolate flavor and roasted notes.

The intense red-brown color of this cocoa powder remains consistent in both its dry state and when it's added to recipe applications.

An ideal choice for chocolate flavored cereals, this cocoa powder always delivers a beautiful chocolate experience and rich color to milk.