Cocoa Powder 10 - 12 %
Cocoa Powder 10 - 12 %
Cocoa Powder 10 - 12 %
Cocoa Powder 10 - 12 %

Cocoa Powder 10 - 12 %

deZaan Cocoa D11CE
Origin : Netherlands
Package : Bag 25 kg
Code : 200311
deZaan Cocoa


Cocoa Butter (Fat) 10-12% | pH level 7.7-8.1


A technically superior cocoa powder, its fast bleeding capacity enriches chocolate flavored cereal experiences.


With a unique process developed specifically for use in cereal coatings, this outstanding dark red powder is designed to deliver an enhanced cocoa experience via improved bleeding capacity and quick flavor release into the cereal's milk.


A comforting, enveloping flavor, bursting with sweetness, mild chocolate and cocoa intensity.

Notable mahogany red color in its dry, extrinsic state. When blended into dairy milk, it disperses quickly and efficiently, diffusing a deep dark brown color throughout.

Specifically formulated for cereal coatings, this dark red cocoa's fast bleed capabilities mean that it rapidly releases attractive chocolate flavor and color into dairy milk-based products.